VERDE 8.2/Build 14199 NETCFG.CSV Work Around for Local User via BRIDGE Networking

            Product Line:  VERDE

            Customer's often need to be able to assign (DHCP) IP's to local user account via the NETCFG.CSV import function.  In 8.2, you'll need to use the following workaround.

            A work-around for the issue of using a local Verde User and trying to IMPORT the Static IP and Static Computer name that hasn’t worked in Verde 8.2.0 build 14199, since this version requires characters for the last 3-fields in the netcfg file.


            If you use what we have been using:   adrian,w732,,,,w2016sql,a,a,a

            Verde tries to process the last 3-variables as data input, and fails to allow the local Verde User to login.

            If you use just the commas:   ,,,   like in VerdeOS 8.2.1, then Verde throws up an Error on not having 9 fields.


            So I did some testing with various data characters and found that the ‘periods’ works to satisfy the Verde IMPORT check and allows the Verde User to successfully login and receive the Static IP address and the Static Computer name.  (see below)   The is the Bridge network at Azure for the QA server.


            Here is an example of the work-around:   adrian,w732,,,,w2016sql,.,.,.,.   (Period character after each comma).

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            Updated: 08 Oct 2018 05:52 AM
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