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            VERDE 8.0 ERRATA: Ubuntu 12.04 Image Installation Steps

            Product Line:  VERDE



            Due to Ubuntu system limitations in version 12.04, Ubuntu 12.04 virtual desktops do not support the latest version of KVM.
            However, you can run Ubuntu 12.04 virtual desktops in VERDE by modifying the settings.local file from within a
            terminal window after creating the Linux Gold Image. 




            Install Ubuntu 12.04 Gold Image in VERDE 8.0 system.  After configuring Ubuntu, shut down the Gold Image.

            1. Change the following line in the settings.local file for this image from 

              This file is located in the mcadmin/image directory found here: 
              /home/vb-verde/verde-orgs/org-0/users/0local/<mcadmin user>/<image name>/

            2. After saving the changes, power up the Ubuntu 12.04 Gold Image and run the VERDE installation script "Finish_Ubuntu_Precise_Install".
            3. After you have ran your updates, shut down the Gold Image and check the image in.

            Updated: 06 Dec 2017 05:26 AM
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