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            VERDE 7.2 Errata: Mandatory extra upgrade steps for Windows images

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            There are extra steps that need to be executed after you upgrade a Gold Image from any version of VERDE to VERDE 7.2 according to the Admin Guide. The Guest Tools upgrade process has a bug. References to the User Guest Agent, the System Guest Agent and the Single-Sign-On Module were not correctly upgraded.



            This procedure should be run after the usual upgrade process (uninstall vb-guest-drivers and USB Guest Tools, reboot, reinstall new packages) has been completed.



            To update the three references, Virtual Bridges provides a Windows CMD batch script, which can be downloaded from this KB article. Check out the Gold Image, copy this script to the local disk and run as Administrator. Then check in the Gold Image. If you see any errors in the output of the script, please contact Support.


            MANUAL SOLUTION:

            In case the script causes problems, the references can be manually updated by following the steps below.

            1. In Management Console, check out Windows based image that has been imported and upgraded to VERDE 7.2 environment.  
            2. Update the binary in the All Users start menu (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup) 
              delete    vbverdeuser_bootstrap.exe 
              copy in   verdeuser_bootstrap.exe (copy this from C:\Program Files\Virtual Bridges\System)
            3. Update the following registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\WIN4SVC32\ImagePath 
              from C:\Program Files\Virtual Bridges\System\vbverdesvc_bootstrap.exe 
              to      C:\Program Files\Virtual Bridges\System\verdesvc_bootstrap.exe
            4. Update the SSO references in registry entry: 
              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{EF5BF0C2-E864-4eed-AE27-C0572C6AD5F8}
                 change data for "(Default)" from vbsso to verdesso
                change data for "(Default)" from vbsso to verdesso
                change data for "(Default)" to %ProgramFiles%\Virtual Bridges\System\verdesso.dll
            5. Check In Image.

            For a 64-bit image, please use C:\Program Files (x86)\ instead of C:\Program Files\, and use verdesso64.dll instead of verdesso.dll


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            Updated: 07 Dec 2017 12:07 AM
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