Users with Custom Roles

            Users with Custom Roles

            If you are unsatisfied with the built-in roles, you may create your own role and assign it to user accounts. When creating a role, you can choose from several permissions to assign.

            Create Role:
            • Login to NoTouch Center
            • Click on "User" icon appearing at the top-right corner of the page (below the date and time stamp)
            • Navigate to "Create Role" tab.
            • Provide following details and click on "Save" button.
              • Role name: Any custom name
              • Description: Any text that describes the role.
              • Security Level: Select "User-defined rights" from the dropdown.

            • After creating Roles, navigate to "Users List" tab.
            • Click on the "Gear" icon appearing before the new role created.
            • Select Rights that you want to assign to the role and click on "" button to add the rights to "Assigned Rights" section.
            • Save the settings.

            Create user with custom roles:

            • Navigate to "Create User" tab.
            • Create new user by providing details
              • Username
              • Full Name
              • Password
              • Security Level : From the dropdown menu, select the new custom role created 

            Updated: 10 Sep 2018 02:26 AM
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