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            Upgrading from vSpace Pro 10.1 to 10.2

            The general rule is: all components of vSpace Pro 10 version 10.1 must be uninstalled before attempting to install vSpace Pro 10 version 10.2.

            (The same rule applies to any previously installed vSpace Pro 10 or vSpace Server version.)


            Single Server - Default install

            1.       First You will need to uninstall vSpace Pro 10 ver. 10.1.

            2.       To finish the vSpace Pro 10 ver. 10.1 uninstallation the host machine must be rebooted (as per the instruction by the installer from vSpace Pro 10 ver. 10.1). If a reboot is NOT performed, some drivers may not be installed properly in next step, which will cause connection issues.

            3.       Install vSpace Pro 10.2 on the same host machine.

            4.       Reboot (as per the instruction by the installer from vSpace Pro 10.2).


            The above procedure completes the 10.1 to 10.2 upgrade process in single server environments. in which the vSpace Server component of vSpace Pro 10 connects to vSpace Manager installed on the same host machine (on localhost).


            Custom install - Separated vSpace Server and Manager

            In environments consisting of multiple vSpace Pro 10 servers connected to vSpace Manager running on separate machine, the vSpace Pro 10 host machine running the vSpace Manager must be upgraded first (by following the above 4-steps procedure). After upgrading the vSpace Manager machine all remaining vSpace Pro 10 servers can be upgraded to version 10.2 by following the same procedure.


            Note: The registration of vSpace Manager from vSpace Pro 10 ver. 10.1 will be retained through the uninstall/new install process. To preserve previous vSpace Manager registration the Manager should not be unregistered before uninstalling the 10.1 version.


            Note: After finishing the installation of version 10.2 the vSpace Console will have to be connected to the upgraded vSpace Manager again.


            If using MX100-D - The Marvell adapter utility will NOT have to be in-installed or re-installed

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