Upgrading from 7.x to 8.2

            Product Line:  VERDE

            1.  Before updating the Gold image, start the procedure by capturing the newest version of Verde Guest tools by temporarily creating a new Gold image for the
                 purpose of capturing the latest version of the Verde Guest Tools that will be mounted as a CD in the Gold image.

                 Save all Verde Guest Tools from the mounted Verde CD to a network Share.

            Later, this Shared Folder will be accessed from the existing Gold image to replace the old Verde Guest tools.


            1. ‘Check-out’ and access the Gold image using SPICE protocol.  Login using the Verde admin account that created the Gold image.
            2. a.  Click ‘run’ and enter the UNC path to the Shared folder holding the new version of Verde Tools and ‘Copy’ all files to a Folder in Gold image C: drive

                          UNC format:   \\IP_address\FolderName      

                          You will be prompted for Active Directory credentials to access the Shared folder in the form:   domain\ADUserID    ex.  verde\jborsini

                    b.  Or, you can copy the tools directory to your workstation/pc/laptop’s, share the directory, map a directory in your Gold image to the tools directory and copy the                  tools directory to your C: dirve.

            1. Use ‘Add/Remove’ and uninstall all of the old Verde Guest Tools -  do NOT ‘Restart’ the Gold image
            2. Install the new Verde Guest tools from the local Folder on C: drive.  Install the Tools in the following order:

                     spice-guest-tools-latest, verde-guest-usb, verde-guest-drivers, VERDETools, vsppacePro10VDI

            1. ‘Restart’ the Gold image after completing the manual install of the Verde Guest Tools
            2. Test communication within the Gold image, i.e. Web browser, etc

            Updated: 09 Apr 2018 06:41 AM
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