Troubleshooting - VERDE Log files - Support Report

            Product Line:  VERDE


            To help troubleshoot system issues, each VERDE component logs information in its respective log file, there are log files for:

            • The Host/Server activity 
            • The VERDE Management Console
            • The VERDE Services
            • The guest/virtual desktop session
            • The client workstation

            The server locations for the various files are:

            /var/log/verde/1 .. 2 ..3
            /home/vb-verde/verde-orgs/org-#/user/<0local or LDAPConnection)/<userid>/<ImageName>

            To increase the logging level from "note" to "debug", modify the fifth line of the following file:

            VERDE offers a tool to gather all the log files at once and create a Support Report.  You may be asked by the Virtual Bridges Support team to send the VERDE Support Report.

            The Support Report is generated from the VERDE Menu (Option 8..specific to VERDEOS) see below or from the command line, the tool collects system information as well as all log files and generates a .tar or .zip file. 


            If the system is not running VERDEOS (bare metal installation), the VERDE Menu is not available and the Support Report can only be generated from the command line.

            To run the VERDE Support Report from the command line, type the following:

            /usr/lib/verde/bin/verde-support-report -h    Displays the available options 

            The Support Report data is saved to /tmp.

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