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            Transferring USER.IMG from one VERDE environment to another.

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            You may want to import the images from one environment to another.  For the Gold Image(s) you simple use the IMPORT function and upgrade the Gold Image's guest tools.  But, this does nothing for the users' data.  You may want to try the following.  In our example, the AD user is testusera.. LDAP connection demo. FILEZILLA is used to copy the data.

            1. First step ‘shutdown’ the active Verde desktop for the ‘testusera’ login.  This is an Active Directory login.

            If you are using a local Verde User, the directory would be: 0local


            Verde AD User:           testusera

            Verde Path:                 /home/vb-verde/verde-orgs/org-0/users/demo        <<==  ‘demo’ is the LDAP Connection name for Active Directory login


            Contents of ‘testusera’ directory:

            Gold image name:   w7x64_0365


            Contents of ‘w7x64_0365’ directory:             Select the USER.IMG file and ‘download’ to a local Directory on the laptop.


                    2.  Perform this Linux line command: service VERDE stop  (make sure that ALL Verde ‘Live Sessions’ are down).

            3.   Download the  USER.IMG file to a local Directory for later uploading.

                    4. Then ‘delete’ the /home/vb-verde/verde-orgs/org-0/users/demo/testusera   Directory.  Verde will re-build when the User logs back into their Desktop.

                    5. Then restart Verde Service: service VERDE start

            6. Then log into the virtual Desktop as ‘testusera’ using the Verde client.

                   Once the Desktop is active, use File Explorer to navigate to the ‘Documents’ folder and you'll see NO DATA. (this is normal).

                    7. Shutdown the Desktop for User:  testusera

                    8. Stop Verde services again using Linux line command: service VERDE stop

                    9. Delete the USER.IMG (that was just created when launching the Verde desktop) for User:  testusera

                    10 Upload the original USER.IMG to replace the deleted version.

                    11. Restart Verde Service: service VERDE start

                    12. Then I log into the virtual Desktop as ‘testusera’ using the Verde client.

                           Once the Desktop is active, use File Explorer to navigate to the ‘Documents’ folder and ALL the original DATA was now present.



            If you are moving a Verde User from one server to a new server and plan to migrate the already-built Gold image from the old server to the new server.

            Make sure that you create the exact settings in the Session Settings on the new server and that you create the exact Desktop Policy Rule on the new server.

            In order for Verde to ‘build’ the User directory structure, it will require your User to launch their Verde desktop on the new server the initial time.

            There will be NO USER DATA at this time.

            Then you can follow the Steps 7-12 above to ‘graft-in’ the downloaded USER.IMG file that has all the User Data.



            If you don’t want to go through all the above Steps to extract and restore the USER.IMG, you could create a W2012R2 virtual Server on your new Verde server and install Domain Services and setup AD Users, map a private User Home directory for your User (on the old Verde server) and have them transfer all their local User data over to their new H: drive.  This would require that the existing virtual Desktop be interactively JOINED to the new Domain (with their local Documents directory structure intact), so they can perform the transfer.  Then, with their AD login from the new Server, their User data would already be active on their H: drive.


            Updated: 18 Jan 2018 02:14 AM
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