Stuck in a loop "Connecting to server". L or M Series device.

            As context, when this error happens, a device has been configured to automatically connect to the server and something in the environment changed that prevents the terminal from connecting.  Examples of this can be, a change of IP address or a server replacement.

            Prevention is the best medicine, where configurations are made in the terminal before are made in the environment.  In the case of the IP address change, the terminal is configured with the information of the new IP location before the change happens, or is reverted to manual connection in order to have access to the firmware menus after the changes take place.   

            However being the fact that the issue has taken place and you have arrived at this article, still the best way to break the loop is through the vSpace console itself.  In order to get the vSpace console to find the terminal you can do the following:
            Invoke the vSpace Console and go to Devices then press the + symbol next to NETWORKS.  Here you will enter the information of the old subnet IP address range where the terminal is located at.  

            At this point the console will scan that range of IP and should find the terminal.  From there, you can click on the terminal in question and configure it to manual in order to update the information accordingly.

            If this is not possible, then you may need to recreate the old environment again so the terminal can be found and configuration can be modified.

            If none of this works, one more available option is cause a disruption to the loop at the actual device, so you can access the firmware and modify configurations.
            1. Turn off the device and remove the network cable. 
            2. As you turn the device back on, start pressing the ESC key fast and repeatedly during boot until the terminal displays the firmware home screen.  Form there, you can change configurations.  

            If you need further clarification, you can contact our tech support

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