Smart Card Redirection Settings on vSpace Pro 11 Server

            This article is to help system administrators setup and config their smart card readers in their environment with vSpace Pro 11

            ·  The enhanced smart card reader support is available on the L300 and L350, RX300, and vSpace Pro client for Windows, with an active AMP subscription for vSpace Pro 11.
            ·  Below please find the configuration instructions for using an enhanced smart card reader with vSpace Pro Client (on vSpace Console side), as well as RX300 configuration.
            Note: Unlike vSpace Pro Client,  the RX300 will only support CCID compliant USB smart card readers as it has embedded CCID drivers in the RX300 firmware.
            Access to smart card feature in vSpace Pro Client:
             You must have an active Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) for vSpace Pro 11.
            §  You must have corresponding smart card reader driver on the client computer where the vSpace Pro client is installed.
            Steps to enable smart card reader support:
            1.     In vSpace Console, go to “Manage Servers”,
            2.     Then select your vSpace Pro 11 server and select the “Settings’ menu,
            3.     From the “Settings” menu, click on “Performance Profiles” and select the “Manage Custom Profile” tab at the top
            4.     From this tab, click on “+” icon to add a new device Performance Profile and you will see a pop-up window,
            5.     From the pop-up window, enter the new profile name for the vSpace Pro Client (any name that makes sense to you), and in the copy from parameter, select “RX-series and Software Client on a high-speed network”. Click “ADD” to complete the process,
            6.     Then select the custom profile you just created, scroll down to “Enable Smart Cards” parameter and choose “Yes” to enable this feature. Click on “Apply” to finish the process. See screenshot below.

            Important note: There are 2 simultaneous functions occurring with the smart card reader functionality in vSpace Pro 11.  First, any currently supported NComputing devices can take advantage of the general USB redirection configuration built into vSpace for up to 10 concurrent USB devices per server.  For example, we use generic USB redirection support for smart card peripheral devices and by turning on the Enable Smart Card parameter for the L300 performance profile in the vSpace console, vSpace is notified whenever there is a smart card USB device connected to an L300, to redirect to the server.  
                        Second, with the AMP subscription in place, this enables the RX300's ability to use the CCID driver and virtual channel support on top of the default USB redirection and can increase the card reader connects beyond 10.   The L-Series devices can NOT take advantage of this additional CCID ability and as such, will always be limited to the 10 card reader limit regardless of AMP status due to the limitations in the older hardware.

            Settings on RX300:

            1. Go to RX_300 device settings – Peripherals.
            2. Set redirection settings of  ‘Smart card readers’ to ‘Generic USB’

            3. Apply settings and reboot device. 
            4. Set operation mode to vSpace Client and launch.
            5. Connect Smart card to RX300 device.
            6. Launch vSpace Server.

            7. Install and run PCSC Bridge application. 

            8. Connect to Reader.

            Updated: 27 Jul 2018 09:56 AM
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