RX-HDX Known Issues - FW 2.40.3459


            ·         RXC-205 [Tkt #29557] 'storebrowse -a' command crashes after user authentication of some NetScaler Gateways (11.x) which results with inability to enumerate the published resources.

            ·         RXC-218 Issues with USB Audio output in Skype for Business appears. (Intermittent)

            ·         RXC-192 Settings for Power Button Action are missing.

            ·         RXC-191 [Tkt #28677] Generic USB Redirection performance issues in NoTouch OS images with Citrix Receiver 13.6 or newer.

            ·         RXC-161 [Tkt #28369] Can't use the RPi0-based SDA with default network configuration when NetworkManager is enabled.

            ·         RXC-160 [Tkt #28368] Changing expired password fails with StoreFront Connection having PNAgent URL.

            ·         RXC-143 [Tkt #27873] Published resource auto-launch does not work in PNAgent mode.

            ·         RXC-141 PNAgent Mode: Expired password changing fails with ‘EX_EXEC_FAILED’ error message.

            ·         RXC-140 User does not get notified when changes are made that require device reboot.

            ·         RXC-110 Session temporarily freezes while copy/pasting data to USB drive in FAT format.

            ·         RXC-82 Firmware Update: There is no progress bar nor any indication when user tries to upgrade device firmware using URL.

            ·         RXC-143 Published resource auto-launch does not work in PNAgent mode.

            ·         RXC-138 Few time zones are not matching correctly in the initial setup menu and Configuration - Management - Time zone.

            ·         RXC-134 Hostname validation lacks. Firmware allows specifying hostnames containing invalid characters.

            ·         RXC-129 Network Status Icon in Control Center always shows ‘Network is ready’, even if network is not connected.

            ·         RXC-113 Wireless network settings remain in place after resetting device to factory default.

            ·         RXC-108 Incorrect resolution is applied for some resolutions.

            ·         RXC-99 Network Drives configured on device are not available in Citrix session

            ·         RXC-89 Firefox web browser: Online video playback is choppy.

            ·         RXC-83 User does not get any prompt/message if admin triggers firmware update remotely using device URL.

            ·         RXC-69 Screen Shadowing (VNC): No display is available (only white screen appears) when shadowing any desktop session using the Deep Compression encoder.

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