Resetting the vSpace Console Password

            The vSpace Console can be configured with an administrator password to prevent unauthorized access or modification.  If this password is lost, forgotten, or is no longer functional, the password information can be manually reset.  If you are uncomfortable with advanced Windows configurations or lack sufficient permissions, please contact your system administrator or IT help-desk for assistance.


            This guide has been confirmed as a possible solution for the following symptoms:
            • Error: "Wrong Password"
            • vSpace Console Password Lost or Forgotten
            Password Reset Procedure

            To reset the vSpace 6 or 8 Console password, take the following steps:

            1. Navigate to the Ncomputing folder in Program Files and sort by type 
            2. Open the ncconsole.xml file for editing. If you want to keep all settings located in the .xml file, you’ll need to replace the ‘<admin>’ section with the following: 


            3. Alternatively, you can delete the entire NcConsole.xml file if you don't mind losing all of your current vSpace Console settings. 
            4. A computer restart is not necessary

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