Reinstalling VERDE, Non-Bare Metal

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            If for some reason you need to do a clean install of VERDE on a server that is already running VERDE, possibly because you made modifications that you believe cannot be reversed, you will need to thoroughly clean the file system.

            Note: This article only applies to non-bare metal installations.


            Run the following commands:

            service VERDE stop

            rpm -e VERDE

            rm -rf /var/lib/verde

            rm -rf /var/log/verde

            rm -rf /var/log/verde-network 

            rm -rf /var/run/verde

            rm -rf /var/run/verde-network 

            rm -rf /usr/lib/verde

            rm -rf /usr/lib/verde-spice 

            rm -rf /home/vb-verde/


            Obtain a new installation package from Virtual Bridges and run the following command:

                  rpm -ivh <VERDE <version> GA build file>.rpm 

            Updated: 08 Jan 2018 01:44 PM
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