Question: I used HD webcam in Skype for Business in Citrix session and experienced some audio quality distortion on RX-HDX, what can I do to tune my audio quality?

            If you use Skype for Business with RTME in Citrix session, and experience some audio quality distortion while HD webcam is used, we recommend using the following configuration to fine tune the audio quality:

            • Login to RX-HDX device as an Administrator.

            • Navigate to Audio – PulseAudio.

            • Go to Client.conf and click in ‘Add’ button.

            • Edit ‘client.conf’

            • Enter key = auto-spawning& Value = yes

            • Save settings and reboot device.


            • Access device either from Console/Putty.

            • Edit /etc/pulse/daemon.conf 

            • Uncomment and change default sample rate 

                        default-sample-rate = 16000

            • Save the changes.


            • Edit /etc/pulse/ 

            • Add tsched=0 and tsched_buffer_size=1024 to line 'load-module module-udev-detect'

                        load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0 tsched_buffer_size=1024

            • Save the changes and reboot device.


            • After restarting, check to confirm pulseaudio is running.

                        $ ps -C pulseaudio

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