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            Printer Management in vSpace Pro version 10.3

            The new Printer Management feature introduced in vSpace Pro version 10.3 allows the following:

            ·         Configuring the right user access control lists on the redirected NComputing thin-client printer objects to make sure that only the user running the session on the thin-client where the printer is physically connected will be able to see and use the printer. Printers connected to other users’ clients are not visible and not accessible.

            ·         Dynamically changing printer names changing to reflect the session ID, name of the logged on user and the device name of the thin-client device. This allows the administrators and support personnel to quickly and easily identify the printers.

            ·         Mapping printer driver names. Users can see shorter and more friendly names for some printers.

            ·         Automatically removing the offline printers.

            ·         Using configurable rules for printer renaming, removal and becoming the default one.

            To understand how to use this feature, please see the attached document for configuration

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