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            Port Configuration for NComputing vSpace Products

            Use of this document

            This document will assist you with your port configuration for your environment's network, antivirus, firewall, and security software.  When not configured, some of the mentioned, can sometimes interfere with the initial configuration or continued operation of NComputing's vSpace software.  

            Therefore, this document offers basic information on applications, services, and network communication within vSpace, use it to apply to your environment to ensure continued operation of your vSpace products.

            Possible Symptoms

            • vSpace Update Cannot Reach Update Server
            • vSpace Host Not Visible in Connection List
            • Client Hangs (Freezes) During Connection
            • Cannot update firmware of the terminals
            • Console cannot see the terminals
            • vSpace Manager is not refreshing data whit the Management Portal.   
            • Cannot register the vSpace Manager
            • vSpace reports that it cannot reach the Management Portal 

            vSpace Installation Recommendations

            When installing vSpace for the first time, it is always recommended to disable the firewall and delay the antivirus software installation until our platform is installed, registered and working in the Session Host.  This is further described here.  However, when this is not possible or when you are installing in working environments, please make sure to disable any Anti-Virus or Firewall software during the installation of our product.  Because of the nature and purpose of an antivirus software, even as we have tested with some brands, we have seen the potential of interference with the installation of our product.  
            After installation has completed you may re-enable Anti-Virus and Firewall software.  

            Troubleshooting Steps 

            If system instability occurs after installing NComputing vSpace, please try removing vSpace and any antivirus or security software present, and then reinstalling vSpace.  As mentioned before, after our platform is running well and registered, and if the system is stable in this configuration, you may re-apply the antivirus and security software, being mindful to observe any changes in behavior in your system.   

            In some instances, our tech support may require for you to remove your antivirus completely during the process of troubleshooting. 

            In any instance, all mentioned network configuration, antivirus, firewall, and security software will benefit from the adjustments below. Please set to ignore/allow/trust the following ports and executables:


            Port Exceptions
            • L-series, M-series, and vSpace Client
              • TCP: 27605
              • UDP: 1027
            • vSpace Pro Enterprise (Version 12) and 11.3 LTS (Windows)        
              • Registration is done through the Management Portal: https port 443  for, IP address
              • vSpace Console connects to HTTP (HTTPS for vSpace Console Server) REST API ports:
                • 39568 - License Server Port
                • 8667  - Health Monitor Agent Port
                • 9443 - vSpace Console Server Port
                • (Always configure these ports, it does not matter if vSpace Manager installed separately or not)
            •  vSpace Server 6 (Windows)
              • Registration: TCP 80, 3630 (connects to:,   Disabled 4-30-2018
              • Update: TCP 20, 21 (,



            Service name



            TCP 8666

            NC License Server (NCLS)

            License Agent (LsAgent.exe) connects to it

            System (LicenseServer.exe)

            TCP 39568

            NC License Server (NCLS)

            vSpaceConsole.exe connects to it to get list of servers


            TCP 9443

            NC vSpace Console Server

            vSpaceConsole.exe connects to it to manage devices, networks, groups and profiles


            TCP 3689

            NC License Agent

            RPC calls from local (only local) vSpace Server


            UDP 67

            MX100 DHCP Server

            DHCP server for MX100D devices


            TCP 8667

            NC Monitor Server

            Health monitoring agents connect to it to provide collected data

            File Access Exceptions - Only if necessary

            •  vSpace Server 6 (Windows)
              • For all vSpace functionality
                • C:\Program Files\NComputing
            •  vSpace Pro 10 (Windows)
              • For all vSpace functionality
                • C:\Program Files\NComputing


            The above exceptions and practices can help ensure the best level of interaction between vSpace and your environment.  If issues still persist with a particular 3rd party application, please contact the application's vendor.  If a workaround exists for your antivirus solution of choice and NComputing engineers have verified its effectiveness, a search for the application's name in the NComputing Knowledge Base will typically reveal any available solutions.

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