NTC : User Creation - Security Level

            NoTouch Console Access can be restricted by creating new users and providing limited permissions to the user. Please see below steps:

            • Login to NoTouch Center. 
            • Click on "Users" icon appearing at the top-right corner of the page below the date/time.
            • Inside the User Accounts module, click on the "Create User" tab button
            • Fill out the form:
              • Username: Desired user name.
              • Fullname: Full name of the user.
              • Password: An initial password.
            • Select Security Level. The security level refers to the actual "role" this account will have:
              • Administrator: The highest level, all privileges, like the builtin admin account.
              • Group administrator: Similar to Administrator, but may be restricted to certain client groups.
              • Helpdesk: Can only view the client hierarchy, identify and shadowing but not change the configuration.

            Updated: 10 Sep 2018 01:15 AM
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