NComputing Support Technical ALERT. vSpace Server Pro & Windows 10 Pro Microsoft -Creator Update- (Workaround) 5-24-2017

            This article is for vSpace Server Pro customers who have installed on the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system. 

            We have identified through our testing that the update process for the Microsoft Creator Update for Windows 10 Pro, removes some critical code from our vSpace Pro Server software making it unusable. 

            NOTE:  We are compatible with this update, just not the update process itself.

            As this is unfortunate, it is outside of our control as Microsoft Security updates are important for OS stability and functionality.

            RESOLUTION:  From the Control Panel ->Programs->Programs and Features, press right mouse button and from context menu select repair option.    (See picture below)

            At the end of this repair process, there will be message which inform that this operation require reboot host.

            You should now have full functionality of your vSpace host and be able to connect your additional Windows session.

            If you run into any challenges with this process, please login to the support portal below and submit you inquiry. 

            Thank you for your continued patience regarding this matter.

            NComputing Support

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