NComputing RX-HDX Client Printer Redirection/Mapping and Printing from local Apps

            This article is for RX-HDX administrators looking to integrate printing or file share options either through the Citrix session/Environment or locally with the RX-HDX device.

            Following is a short list of facts regarding Citrix Client Printer Redirection/Mapping (printing from Citrix sessions to local printers):
            • locally connected USB printers are supported (but some models can be problematic; cheapest GDI printers should be avoided; more advanced printers understanding the PCL and/or PostScript languages should work)
            • locally connected network printers (HP JetDirect) are supported (the same comment as above applies)
            • to be tested/verified is whether locally connected LPD and SMB network printers are supported
            • to be tested/verified is whether locally connected serial printers (connected through USB-serial adapters) are supported
            • Citrix Universal Printer Driver is not supported; native Windows printer drivers must be installed on all VDA machines where the users requiring local printing will run their sessions
            • ThinPrint is not supported

            Printing from  local applications:
            • printing from local applications (especially from locally running Firefox browser) is supported, but probably limited to the few PPD drivers, which are present in the RX-HDX firmware by default; ability to add PPD drivers needs to be confirmed/verified/ tested by users
            • local printing should be possible to USB and HP HetDirect network printers
            • local printing to LPD, SMB, and serial printers needs to be tested/verified/ tested by users
            Regarding network scanners and network shares: RX-HDX is a thin-client device, not a file server, so it does not allow creating any network shares. Mounting network shares from a remote file servers is possible though. If the network scanners can save the scanned pages into a CIFS network share, then this share can be mounted to RX-HDX on boot and the contents will be accessible by local applications, like the Firefox browser.   This can be configured either through No Touch Center or at the device under Drives/Printers. 

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