N-Series Factory reset

            To perform a "Factory Reset" on your N Series device, please follow the instructions below

            1. Boot the device and watch for the NComputing logo


            2. As soon as the NComputing logo appears, press and HOLD the "R" key on your keyboard. Note that timing is very important. Aim to press and hold "R" as quickly as possible once the NComputing logo first appears. 


            3. Once the screen goes blank, release the "R" key.

            If the reset is successful, the NComputing logo will appear a second time as the device reboots automatically. You will also be presented with the End User License Agreement as is standard for the first boot following a factory reset.

            If you do not see the NComputing logo a second time, are not presented with the EULA, and instead proceed to the Logon screen, you will need to attempt the reset again. 


            NOTE: Your N-series device will retain its current firmware version during this reset process.


            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 07:38 AM
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