Migrating Windows based vSpace Management Center version 3.3.1 to the vSpace Management Center Appliance

            NComputing has ended development and support for vSpace Management Center for the Windows platform. NComputing has replaced it with a linux based appliance that can easily be imported into you Microsoft Hyper-V, XenServer or VMWare ESXI environment.

            This article makes the assumption that the user is familiar with importing, managing and maintaining their virtual infrastructure.

            1. Set up the vSpace Management Center Virtual appliance.
              1. Import the OVA file or attached the VHD to a new virtual machine.
              2. Start the newly created Virtual Appliance, on first run it will prompt you for a password, Please note this password, or use the password from your current VMC.
                1. When setting the password, you will need to enter it twice, enter it the 1st time, press down to confirm it, then TAB to press enter on OKAY.

              3. After the appliance is running, Login to VMC 3.7 via console or PUTTY

              4. Run the commands below to disable the VMC 3.7 firewall and NC Management Services:
                /etc/init.d/iptables stop

                /etc/init.d/ncmsd stop

            2. Stopping Services on the vSpace Management Server for windows
              1. Log into Windows server running vSpace Management Center 3.3.1 and open "Services"
              2. Stop the NC Management Server service, and set the startup type to Disabled

            3. Download and prepare the migration tool to migrate configuration database to new VMC appliance
              1. Download the NC MIgrator tool: ftp://vmc:vspace@nc-support.ncomputing.com/Migration/NC%20Migrator%20Setup.msi
              2. Install the Migrator Tool as well as any dependencies
              3. Run the tool, selecting the following options "2. Update and Migrate from 3.3.1 to Appliance 3.6.0", (this also applies to VMC versions 3.7.X):

              4. Under the Destination Database section, input the IP address of the VMC Appliance:

              5. Under Files Migration SCP Host: Input VMC 3.7 Appliance IP address

              6. Click Start: Do not be concerned if the Migration Tool seems to hang for a while, it will eventually finish and output whether or not it was successful.

            4. Restart the Firewall and NComputing management service on the VMC appliance.
              1. Log back in to a console or PUTTY session on the VMC Appliance.
              2. Run the following commands:

                /etc/init.d/iptables start

                /etc/init.d/ncmsd start

              3. Restart the vSpace Management Center Appliance.

            5. You can now access VMC via browser at https://(IP address or DNS name)/vmc
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