Linux Ubuntu for vSpace Products.

            Our new version vSpace 4.0 is available for the Linux platform.  
            Please visit our Download Center.

            L, M and MX Series:
            • vSpace is now available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / 14.04 LTS.  
            • Supported clients include NComputing L250/L300/L350 thin clients, M300 thin client and MX100S (standard connect) thin clients.

            • vSpace Server for Linux provides a free trial allowing 7 days of product testing without any license.
            • Please contact your NComputing sales representative to purchase the vSpace for Linux perpetual server license (product SKU VSPACELINUX-SR-P).

            Please Note: 
            • Only 64bit operating systems are supported.
            • NVIDIA Graphics Cards: vSpace Server for Linux is not compatible with the proprietary NVIDIA graphics driver. However, it works with the “nouveau” open source driver, which is the default driver shipped with Ubuntu.
            • Users need to enable the nc_chrome_streaming (0.1) extension for the optimized video streaming from YouTube on Chromium (Google Chrome) Browser.

            For X Series:
            • Linux for X Series has been permanently discontinued and is currently no longer available.

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