Linux Ubuntu: vSpace for Legacy Distro 10.04, 12.04

            Please know that this document is for reference only and the old builds of our vSpace Products for Linux are no longer supported.  The new and current build is also referenced below.   

            This guideline applies to our old version of vSpace for L Series thin clients for Linux Ubuntu 12.04 / 10.04.   However, we currently have an article that discusses installation in the current and updated version of Linux Ubuntu for 16.04 LTS / 14.04 LTS.   You can see the article here. 

            vSpace is available for the Linux platform.  Please read through the following guidelines so you may fully assimilate what is needed to plan and successfully deploy in this particular environment.

            1. Using this platform will require a certain level of knowledge and comfort on Linux.  Remains assumed that any user that runs Linux as a platform of choice, knows how to manage it and maintain it.  Our troubleshooting and support is limited to our product only and may not extend to Linux configuration, troubleshooting of OS or the hardware where is installed.  

            2. vSpace is compatible with only specific versions of Ubuntu and an exact, original and unaltered distro version and kernel version.  Please consult our Compatibility Matrix, and the Release Notes that are listed next to the download of vSpace for Linux on our Software Download Center. (You will be required to sign in for a free account on order to log-in)

            3. When performing updates, keep in mind that the kernel must not be changed or updated.  Updates to everything else should be fine.  Should the kernel be modified, our platform may no longer function.

            4. There are non-essential features found in the Windows version that may not be present in the Linux version.

            5. As a help, we add an Installation Guide for vSpace for Linux attached.  Our software should work well in the context of the above guidelines.  Any variant in the user’s environment should be addressed with the user’s experience and research.

            6. Sometimes, it's better to work along an official partner.  As a solution integrator, a partner may already be acquainted and have the necessary experience in the Linux platform and may be able to help you supervise your NComputing deployment from the start.

            If you do not have an official partner, you can have one contact you here.

            Also, you can reach our tech support here

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