Linux Ubuntu: vSpace Removal

            This article applies to the Legacy vSpace for L Series thin clients for Ubuntu 12.04 / 10.04.

            If you ever need to remove vSpace, you can easily uninstall vSpace through the Ubuntu Software Center.  However, a full removal of vSpace can be done by deleting the NComputing folder from your File System. It is located in: /var/opt/ncomputing, and the folder will be locked under special permissions. Therefore, you will need to run the file manager in Super User mode.  

            One way of doing this will be the following:
            In Terminal type:

                 gksudo nautilus

            A file browser will open. Click on var > opt and right click to delete the NComputing folder.  Finally, restart your computer.

            This should delete the vSpace software and license information.

            For more information, please see the attached or contact our Tech Support

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