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            Licensing Server is not configured properly (00000101)

            This article is for customers seeing the following error on their remote Windows sessions.

            To check RDS license configuration via PowerShell
            Run PowerShell command Get-RDLicenseConfiguration

            Licencing Server is not configured properly (00000101).
            Check that license server is running on Server and that the license mode configured is set to User Mode.

            Potential cause:  Licensing Server is offline or not setup,     Licensing Server is set to "Device Mode".

            We have had reports that sometimes a Microsoft update will alter this setting to "Device Mode"

            Sometimes an administrator will change their setup to "Device Mode" since they have purchased Device CALs.    This is the incorrect method of licensing a vSpace environment.

            Solution: Verify the licensing mode for your Remote Desktop Session Host is set to "Per User".

            Please refer to the following link for detailed steps on how to setup and configure your licensing server.

            Below is a screenshot of where in this configuration is made on your Licensing Sever in the Local Group Policy Editor.

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