L300 How to adjust the resolution of the session

            Here is how to configure resolution settings:

            Through vSpace Pro 10: Launch the vSpace Console, then, click on Manage Devices.  Make sure that the All devices tab is selected.  Select and click on your device from the table.  Click on Device Settings.  Select the Login tab.  There you can configure the desired settings and click Apply   

            Through the local device firmware. In the connection screen menu, click on Device Setup and go to the Login Settings tab.  There you can configure desired settings and click Save.   

            If the resolution change does not take place, likely the session to which the terminal was connecting to is still open at the server.  Ensure that the terminal has no currently open sessions.  You can even restart the server and do not login anyone until you have change resolutions as desired.
            Updated: 14 Jun 2017 01:01 AM
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