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            USB third party devices

            This Article is for users looking for 3rd party, USB device compatibility for current L-Series and M-Series NComputing devices.

            Update the vSpace platform.  The general rule when you are using a third party device with our thin clients, is to make sure that you have the latest vSpace Server software and the corresponding firmware for your NComputing device in order to take advantage of all the improvements added to USB functionality and compatibility.

            It is recommended your NComputing device has the USB Audio Redirection box checked and saved.    See below image L350 GUI under the Login Settings tab.

            Test different devices.  While we cannot guarantee that a specific third party device will work, we have increased compatibility with a wide array of USB devices.  We encourage you to test the USB device for your specific use case in your environment and have a few different USB options to test.  You can also contact the manufacturer of a USB device and ask if they have a patch or special configuration for "Multiuser Environments" or "Terminal Services".  

            It is also recommended when testing any new compatibility, login with administrator user credentials to mitigate conflict with functionality from policy permissions or security settings.

            Keep the environment protected.  Once you achieve connectivity and the desired functionality, keep the environment static (no real time software updates).  It is advised that all future software updates for the OS, USB drivers or NComputing software be turned off in the production environment until it can be verified that such updates do not change or conflict with functionality.

            Legacy devices. (L230 and older)

            The USB 1 port on these devices is designed to support USB storage devices (often referred to as thumb drives) and not other classes of USB devices. Since there are a huge number of USB device models with a wide variety of software drivers available in the market, NComputing cannot assure compatibility with this wide range of devices within our virtual desktop environment.

            We suggest to consult with an authorized NComputing partner as they may already have experience with devices that were already tested and may point you to a device that could work in your specific use case.  Please feel free to consult with our tech support at any time.

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