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            Instructions for Enlarging the Gold Image (GUEST.IMG)

            Product Line:  VERDE

            It's common place for a customer to need to expand the size of the Gold Image or a Clone.  Here are simple instructions:

            • Back up the Gold Image’s entire Directory (just in case).
            • If the target gold image has an associated Clone, back it up as well.
            • Check-out Gold image (or Clone)
            • Edit the Gold image (or Clone) Properties and increase the size of the System Image Max Size (GB) and ‘Save’ settings

            • Login to Gold/Clone image as the Master Administrator
            • Right click on ‘This PC’ and select ‘Manage’

              • Select ‘Storage’ and then ‘Disk Management’

              • You’ll see the following pop-up.  Uncheck the Disk 2 and close the pop-up via the X in the right upper corner.

                • Right-click on the C: Drive box (Disk 0) and select ‘Extend Volume’

                  • Follow the prompts to add the extra space to the C: drive, that you specified in the Gold/Clone image Properties
                  • Check-in the Gold/Clone image


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