I am trying to register my X550 / X350 card and I am no longer able to do it.

            This article applies for USA, LATAM and Brazil only.  For all other countries in EMEA and APAC, please contact your sales department or enter a web ticket.  

            NComputing stopped supporting the X Series on June 2016. If your X Series device and software are currently working, these are not considered to be still in service from a support perspective and we strongly suggest to update your terminals to our current product offerings. 

            The natural successor of the X Series its the MX100, however there are other new products and services that you can also use.

            If you are in a unique situation where you cannot migrate immediately to currently supported NComputing solutions, please see the below process to get your X-Series cards registered with the help of our support team.

            Here are instructions on how to proceed:

            1. Go to www.ncomputing.com and login with your credentials and download the software for the X Series.  
            2. Go to the Management Portal tab and activate it.
            3. In the Management Portal, go to "Purchase Licenses and Services".  Scroll to the bottom and pay for the part named: "NC Per Incident vSpace Pro Support".
            4. You will receive an email with instructions to redeem your license key.   Please make sure that you redeem it so our support staff can see it showing up under your Management Portal account. 
            5. You can then start the registration process and create an offline file.   An explanation of the concept of this process can be found on this video.    The presentation speaks about the L Series but the registration process is very much similar in the X Series. 
            The email sent to registration server portion suggested in the video, will no longer work.  just keep the offline file at hand and continue this process here. 
            6. Once you have your offline file at hand, contact support via web ticket.  
                 a) Make sure to enter all the information requested
                 b) Include the off-line registration file as an attachment.  
                 c) Make sure to tell us the username or email associated to your Management Portal account in your request. 
            7.  When our support staff sees your email, they will look up your Management Portal account, use the Pay Per Incident key and register your product.  
            8. You will get an offline file and you may continue the offline registration process as mentioned on the video we mentioned.  

            Please keep in mind that this solution is only temporary and we strongly suggest to upgrade your solution with our current product offerings. 

            X300 terminals are currently at End of Life and are no longer supported. 

            Possibility of registration of X Series devices according to the instructions on this article, will be possible only through December 31, 2018.  Past this date, the X Series activation features will no longer be online.

            REV  02/18
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