Hyper-V VM Deployment Tuning Guide for vSpace

            Configuration and Tuning Guide for a Hyper-V Based Deployment


            Deploying NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization in parallel with Microsoft’s Hyper-V can deliver a more powerful and flexible user desktop environment than either technology alone.
            This guide compiles tips and tricks to help you implement NComputing vSpace and Microsoft's Hyper-V technologies in the most effective way. However, before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with the surrounding aspects of host deployment and installation of NComputing vSpace products.

            This guide will serve you as reference: https://support.ncomputing.com/portal/kb/articles/ncomputing-deployment-checklist 

            This VM deployment tuning guide assumes you have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V. You can find the appropriate documentation on Microsoft’s web site – and to help get you started, some example links are provided below:

            Microsoft maintains numerous guides, tutorials, and how-to videos on their website which can be accessed by the links below.

            Table of Contents

            • Introduction
            • Hyper-V Host Configuration
              • Disable CPU Core Parking
            • Virtual Machine Settings
              • Virtual Machine Image Creation
              • Increase Virtual CPU Allocation
              • Enable USB Support within the Virtual Machine
              • Disable Auto Connect for CD-ROMs
            • Configure and Tune the Windows OS inside the VM
              • Windows Tuning Guide for vSpace 6
              • Image Cloning and vSpace Registration

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