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            How to use signature pads in vSpace Pro 11

            This enhancement is available for vSpace Pro 11.2.0 or newer version.

            The following configuration setting to support signature pads is only applicable to RX300.

            On RX300 thin client, generic USB redirection policy must be applied to the connected signature pad for the peripheral to be recognized by vSpace.

            Please refer to the instructions below to configure:

            1.       From RX300 setting menu -> select ‘Peripherals’ tab -> choose “Custom” option for peripheral devices redirection settings.

            2.       On the same page, click on the + icon under ‘Custom VID: PID’ section to invoke the customized peripheral redirection UI.
            3.       Enter the corresponding VID and PID values from the list of pre-configured USB signature pads below:

            Following is a list of USB signature pad models which have been pre-configured in vSpace Pro 11 server (version 11.2.0 or newer) with proper server-side isolation (i.e. user A will not see the signature pad connected to user B).

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A1 Model: WACOM STU-500

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A2 Model: WACOM STU-300

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A3 Model: WACOM STU-520A

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A4 Model: WACOM STU-430

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A5 Model: WACOM LCD Signature Pad STU-530

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A6 Model: WACOM STU-430V

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A7 Model: WACOM LCD Signature Pad STU-530V

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A8 Model: WACOM LCD Signature Pad STU-540

            ·         VID PID 056A:00A9 Model: WACOM LCD Signature Pad STU-541

            ·         VID PID 0403:6001 Model: Topaz Signature Gem T-LBK462-BSB-R

            ·         VID PID 06a8:0043 Model: Topaz Signature Gem T-L462-HSB-R


            Note: NComputing cannot guarantee the listed signature pads above would operate properly in the vSpace environment and should be tested by the customer before deployment.

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