How to identify the Secondary Display Adapter (SDA) for RX300/RX-RDP and RX-HDX.

            Our SDA product makes it possible to extend a secondary monitor to our RX Series thin clients. 


            NComputing has a wide plethora of devices and features that cater to both Windows and Citrix users.  The below listed, use our SDA adapters to enable a second monitor:   

            The RX-300 device (back and Magenta chassis) caters to Windows users using vSpace, and connects using our vSpace software and our proprietary UXP connection protocol.

            The RX-RDP device (back and Blue chassis) caters to Windows users using the RDP protocol. 

            The RX-HDX device (Black and green chassis) caters to Citrix users using HDX.


            The SDA HDMI Adapter for all products above use hardware that is nearly identical, but it cannot be used across platforms.

            The SDA for RX-300 and RX-RDP is only conditioned to be used for these devices and likewise the SDA for the RX-RDP is only conditioned to work with these Citrix compatible thin clients.  

            One simple way to understand the difference, is to look a the sticker at the bottom of the unit. 

            Packaging boxes are as well different: 

            Note: If you are using the SDA for RX-HDX, it will usually bear the CITRIX logo when connected. 

            We hope that this article helps you understand these differences and keep in mind that if you have the wrong SDA for your product, you will need to obtain the proper adapter, according to the device you have.  

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