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            How to find your Chromebook Specifications and System Information.

            This article is for customers looking for their technical specifications on their Chromebook.  For example, RAM or CPU.

            Follow these steps to see your Chromebook system Information.

            Installing the System Info App from the Google Store.

            1.  Login to your google account.

            2. Click on the magnifying glass search icon on the lower left of the home screen.

            3. In the search field type "System" 

            4. One of the options should be an App called System by Dirk Eineke with a flashlight icon. 

            5. Click add to Chrome.

            6. Click Add App.

            7. Under All Apps, find and launch the newly installed System app.

            8. You do not need to add a new location unless preferred, to view System info on your Chromebook.  Press Cancel.

            9. The General tab on the left will provide the information desired.

            For NComputing devices CX100 and CX110

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