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            How to configure USB Device for VERDEOS

            When installing VERDEOS with a USB thumb drive you will need to use the VERDEOS .IMG file and a thumb drive disk imager such as Win32DiskImager.  The following example demonstrates how to perform this task.

            How to Configure your USB Device for VERDEOS

            Download the Win32DiskImager tool from the following web site:


            Download the VERDEOS (.img) software from nComputing site.

            Install the Disk Imager tool.  

            Start it up:

            Browse to the location (on your Windows pc) of the VERDEOS img file.

            Insert the USB (target) device in your laptop/pc/workstation.  The software auto-detects:

            Press the WRITE button.  After it’s complete, you should see the following:

            Your USB devices is ready to be used to install VERDEOS on your server.

            Updated: 07 Aug 2018 07:27 AM
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