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            How Licensing Actually works with VERDE/VERDEOS 8.2 and Above

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            Let me explain how licensing works:


            Redeeming a license key generates the appropriate license object in the Management Portal for the customer. This license object is "owned" by the customer account in the Management Portal. Remember - the license key itself is not the license - it's just a key used to create the actual license object. Once a license key is consumed (i.e., redeemed) it is essentially worthless.


            For a customer to use the feature enabled by the license object (e.g., VERDE seat license) they must allocate the part or all of the "seats" contained in the license object to their local deployment - i.e., VERDE Management Console. 


            When a customer redeems a VERDE license key using the VERDE Management Console the following happens:


            1) License key is validated by the Management Portal

            2) If valid and unused - the corresponding license object is created and assigned to the customer account in the Management Portal

            3) The license object is automatically allocated to the VERDE Management Console which had been registered in the Management Portal

            4) The VERDE Management Console receives the allocated license object from the Management Portal


            All of the above happens automatically and transparently for the user. This automation is probably confusing to people who are use to the license handling of VERDE 8.1 and earlier.


            Now, in the case of re-installed VERDE, if you look at the customer's Management Portal account you'll see that the seats (240) are still allocated to the old installation:

            What the customer needs to do is:


            1) Log in to his Management Portal account

            2) Go to "My VERDE Installations -> My Licenses":

            3) Click the ALLOCATE button next to the 250 seat license object

            4) Select the newly registered VERDE Management Console

            5) Specify the number of seats he wants to allocate (note: this is the part where a customer can split seats from a license to multiple deployments)


            Then - in the VERDE Management Console, go to the License UI and click "REFRESH" - that will cause VERDE to contact the Management Portal to retrieve the current license allocation.


            As you can see, the customer has several registered VERDE installations:

            This is probably a result of multiple tests. It would be good to clean up this list -  for those that are no longer active the customer can just click the "DISCONNECT" button to remove it from the list. Note that the "UNREGISTER" button in the VERDE Management Console has the same effect as if you click "DISCONNECT" in the above UI.

            If you are having issues with your VERDE server communicating with the Management Portal, use the telnet command as follows from the VERDE server line command:

            # telnet 443

            You should see the following:

            Connected to

            If telnet is not installed on your server, type the following:

            yum install telnet

            Updated: 25 Apr 2018 06:09 AM
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