How do I redeem an AMP for vSpace Pro License key?

            If you purchase AMP for vSpace Pro, you’ll receive a license key. To redeem the license key:

            1.  Go to and login using the same account that you used to register your vSpace Pro installation. Then click on the ‘management portal’ option at the top of the screen to access the Management Portal.

            2. Click on the "Redeem License Keys" link at the bottom. 

            3.  Enter your license key and click on "Redeem".

            4. Your vSpace Pro AMP license key information will be displayed and click on "Confirm" for the license key redemption confirmation. That’s it.

            5. To check your redeemed vSpace Pro AMP license, go to NComputing Management Portal ‘Home’ page -> click on ‘My vSpace Installations’ -> select ‘vSpace Pro Compliance’ tab. The total quantify of vSpace Pro AMP should reflect all of your current vSpace Pro AMP licenses.

            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 07:46 AM
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