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            How do I redeem an AMP for RX-RDP License key?

            If you purchase RX-RDP AMP license, you’ll receive a corresponding license key. To redeem a license key,

            Go to and login using the using the account that you used when you registered your RX-RDP devices. Then click on the ‘management portal’ option to access the Management Portal.

            Use the standard "redeem" license key functionality provided by the Management Portal. Click on “Redeem License Keys” to redeem RX-RDP AMP License key.

            Then enter your RX-RDP AMP license key and click on "Redeem"

            Your RX-RDP AMP license key information will be displayed and click on "Confirm" for the license key redemption confirmation. 

            After redeeming the key you will be prompted to allocate the RX-RDP AMP license to specific RX-RDP devices.  You may defer this allocation to a later time.  In this case you can use the allocate button available in the My Licenses UI to allocate this license key the future.

            The allocate functionality displays a list of registered RX-RDP devices.  You can select 1 or more of the RX-RDP devices to allocate the RX-RDP AMP License.

            Once you select the RX-RDP devices to apply the RX-RDP AMP license, click on "yes, Allocate" to proceed.  Please note that once the RX-RDP AMP license is allocated to a specific RX-RDP device(s), It cannot be removed

            After confirming the allocation selection, the ‘AMP License Expiration’ date for the specific RX-RDP device is extended based on the term provided by the license.

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