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            Enabling VLAN in the VERDE 8.x environment

            Produce Line:  VERDE

            Steps for Existing Customers:


            1. Customer should switch all the nodes in their VERDE cluster to Linux Native Networking and install verde-brctl script in all the nodes.  Full instructions are located at the following link:
            2. Once verde-brctl script is installed, it will automatically create /home/vb-verde/verde-brctl.conf file, adjust that file to specify <org-id>=<bridge> mapping. ‘verde-brctl.conf’ already contains examples on how to specify.
            3. Customer needs to make sure VLAN specified in verde-brctl.conf should be available in their router/switch and that VLAN should have a DHCP server providing dynamic IP addresses to dhcp requests. Otherwise VERDE windows VMs for that specific VLAN will not start.
            4. To use VERDE client from a specific VLAN they should redirect 48622 port from the VLAN interface to Primary interface in Cluster Master (Steps given below)


            How to Redirect 48622 from VLAN to Primary Interface in Cluster Master:


            1. Run the below command as root to install “socat” utility in Cluster Master

            yum --enablrepo=base --enablerepo=epel install socat

            1. Run the below command as root after creating VLAN bridge interface in Cluster Master to make sure Cluster Master’s VLAN bridge interface have IP address

            dhclient <vlan-bridge-name>

            1. Run the below command as root to redirect request on port 48622 from Cluster Master’s VLAN bridge interface to Cluster Master’s Primary IP

            socat tcp-listen:48622,bind=<vlan-bridge-ip>,fork,reuseaddr tcp:<cluster-master-primary-ip>:48622 &


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