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            Do I have to purchase a vCAST license for the host machine or for each connected device?

            Starting in vSpace Pro 11.2.0 release, vCAST streaming is a standard feature in vSpace and requires no additional license. We recommend our customers to migrate to this version to receive the most benefit.

            vCAST Streaming

            ·         Reducess the overall server-side CPU usage when users watch web videos like YouTube or local media content without the need for expensive GPUs. This results in higher quality media streaming using the network bandwidth without CPU bottlenecks and allows increased number of concurrent users.

            ·         vCAST Web Streaming: supported on RX300, vSpace Pro Client for Windows and Chrome, available on Chrome browser. Support Youtube web videos and embedded Youtube web videos.

            ·         vCAST Media Streaming: supported on RX300 and vSpace Pro Client for Windows. Support client-side rendering of VLC player (up to version 2.2.6) and Windows Media Player. Note: Windows Media Player client side redirection is not supported on Windows Server 2016 and Windows and server side rendering will be used.

            ·         vCAST MOJO Streaming: supported on L/M/MX-series thin client. The admin first needs to transcode local video content into MOJO format.

            vCAST is standard feature starting in vSpace Pro 11.2.0 and requires no additional license.

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