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            Device shows a black screen when connecting to vSpace Pro and returns to Server List menu.

            This article assumes that you are using vSpace Pro Enterprise, or 11.3.2 LTS and are using L250, L300 or M300.  Any other version of vSpace, as of the writing of this article is not supported.  

            If your terminal displays this behavior, the device was not able to achieve connection to the server.  

            This warning message indicates that the vSpace Server you are attempted to connect is not associated with a vSpace Manager.     
            It is very likely your vSpace Pro deployment includes NComputing legacy devices manufactured prior to January 1, 2015 and are not vSpace Pro compliant, hence the service interruption.
            1. Check if you’re vSpace Pro complaint.
            2. Learn the vSpace Pro compliant requirements and your options.
            3. If you have NComputing legacy devices (manufactured prior to January 1, 2015) listed in your Management Portal account but no longer used and wish to remove them from the vSpace Pro compliance calculation, please follow the instruction here.
            4. Learn the difference between “vSpace Pro AMP licensing” and “Aged Device Connection licensing”
            5. How to purchase vSpace Pro AMP license or Aged Device Connection license.

            If you are vSpace Pro compliant, then please follow the recommendations below to help narrow down the issue:

            1. Make sure that vSpace is properly installed. This article can help. 
            2. Make sure that you installed vSpace on a supported Operating System version.
            3. Be sure that the firmware of your device is updated with the version of vSpace you are using. 

            For other issues, please contact our Tech Support. 

            Updated: 03 Jul 2019 09:29 PM
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