Configuring RX-300 for VERDE

            Product Line:  VERDE


            For those of using the RX300 we have a new firmware drop, please update the firmware on your RX300.






            Update firmware:

            Go to RX300 UI, go to Setting -> Support and select firmware update using Web URL. 

            Type in the following URL and click okay to proceed the firmware update process:


            After the update, it will automatically reboot RX300 to complete the update process.


            To configure VERDE:

            Go to RX300 UI, go to Setting -> General tab, select VERDE VDI mode. Click apply to save.

            Then go to Setting -> Connection tab. Fill out the VERDE connection broker IP address. Click apply to save.


            Then you will see the VERDE login UI with user name and password. Once you enter, the UI will then display your VERDE desktop resources available to this user, select the desktop resource and the protocol (UXP or RDP) you wish to connect.




            Updated: 15 Aug 2019 08:10 AM
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