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            CMDUpdate Failed: HydraTS ERROR

            This article is for customers experiencing any of the variations of the CMDUpdate Failed: HydraTS error during a vSpace Server Software installation.

            We have had various reports of this error in the past and want to provide some troubleshooting steps here.

            1. Verify you are installing the vSpace Server software to a supported Windows Operating System.    Here is the link to the supported Operating System matrix. 
            2. Verify the vSpace version you are installing matches your Windows Operating System.
            3. If there were previous installations of vSpace on this Operating System, be sure there are no lingering remnants of the software as it will corrupt or hinder the new installation. The vSpace Cleanup script should be run after removing versions 4 6 or 8 and rebooting. Reboot again after running the script. The cleanup script can be requested in chat.
            4. Verify you are using an administrator account with administrator privileges. 
            5. Verify all security software like antivirus and firewalls are disabled during installation.

            Please remember these are recommendations only and may not fix the error you are seeing.

            Please contact our NComputing support team for additional troubleshooting ideas if needed.

            Thank you.
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