Cannot Connect to vSpace Pro

            This article is for customer running into issues when trying to connect their NComputing device or client software to vSpace Pro.

            The first thing to check with a new installation of vSpace Pro is if your vSpace Manager is registered and connected for this host.

            Please refer to pages 6-9 in the Quick Installation Guide here or see attached.  

            Immediately after the first reboot of the vSpace Pro software, you will be able to register and connect the vSpace Manager which will now allow your devices and software in your environment to have Windows sessions.

            Once this is completed, you will also be able to login to the Management Portal on the NComputing website to view and manage all of your deployments at 

            Other relevant troubleshooting for session connection issues with vSpace Pro below.

            Please make sure you have the latest version of the vSpace Pro software as we are continually fixing outstanding items and adding features.

            Another issue you could be running into if you are on a Virtual Machine using HyperV, is addressed in the following link here.

            Also, verify your antivirus and firewall are not playing a part in blocking your vSpace sessions on your network.

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