PMC Configuration: Missing configuration definition files to manage RX300 devices with latest firmware

            When you are looking to update your RX-300 terminals via PMC, you encounter that you are missing available versions to update your devices.  

            Managing the RX300 devices with 3.2.27 firmware from PMC 1.1
            As of the writing of this article, the RX300 3.2.27 firmware introduces version 17 of the device configuration. To be able to manage the RX300 devices running firmware using this configuration version or later, a set of schema files including this configuration version must be uploaded to PMC.
            Without it, PMC will only be able to show the device on the device list, but will not allow editing the device (or device profile) settings for configuration version 17 or later.
            Follow the below steps to upload to PMC the schema files for RX300:
            Download this zip archive and do not uncompress it.

            ·         Logon to PMC as a user with administrative privileges, open the Menu, go to ‘Administration > Device Configurations’.

            ·         Click the ‘Choose file’ button and select the attached .zip file containing the schema files.
            ·         Click the ‘Upload file’ button to upload the schema files.

            After completing the above actions PMC 1.1 will become fully able to manage the RX300 devices running firmware using the configuration version 17 or later. (e.g. the 3.2.27 firmware).

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            Updated: 21 Nov 2018 06:09 AM
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