What is vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition?

            (1) What is vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition?

            vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition will be the focal point for future enhancements and development. vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition already includes advanced features such as scalability improvements for large deployments, latest Windows OS support including Windows Server 2019, multi-touch monitor support and more. The customer must have a valid AMP subscription on all connected devices to use vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition.

            (2) What are the new features/functionality available in vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition but not in vSpace Pro 11?

            vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition comes with the latest innovations, enhancements and compatibility vSpace has to offer.

            The latest vSpace Pro Enterprise Edition adds the following new product features:

            Support for Windows Server 2019.
            Support for multi-touch monitors.
            Support for smart boards/interactive whiteboards.
            Support for more than 100 concurrent terminal sessions.
            Enhanced vSpace Console software to manage user sessions/devices for large deployments.
            Enhanced audio protocols for L-series, M-series and MX-series thin clients (e.g. benefiting flash content, rich-multimedia playback and Skype usages).
            Enhanced health monitoring service for vSpace Pro deployment.

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