Knowledge Base NComputing


  1. Error: "To log on to this remote computer, you must be granted the Allow log on through Terminal Services right."
  2. Windows Server 2008 R2: Remote Desktop Licensing Server Configuration
  3. N Series: Citrix Receiver and Certificates Update
  4. Hyper-V VM Deployment Tuning Guide for vSpace
  5. How to Update the N-Series End Point Firmware with a USB Drive
  6. N-Series Factory reset
  7. N-Series - Incorrect Date \ Time
  8. DRC Insight online Assessment
  9. Enable Generic USB direction for XenDesktop and XenApp 7.X
  10. Configuring N-Series devices with custom DHCP scope options
  11. Add a printer to an N500 that is not in the printer list
  12. Enabling SSH for N-Series Remote Support
  13. Citrix receiver Protocol error 1046
  14. N-500 HP E220t connected does not allow the TouchScreen pointer to work prior to Session or in Session. (RESOLVED)
  15. VMC Search results are Truncated (RESOLVED)
  16. Updating your NSeries Devices with FTP
  17. Common N Series Troubleshooting Best Practices
  18. Migrating vSpace Management Center 3.6 or 3.7 to later versions of vSpace Management Center
  19. vSpace Services
  20. NC-Debug utility download
  21. N-Series user manual
  22. Installing Signed Certificates into vSpace Management Center Appliance
  23. Imprivata Support
  24. Web filtering software or appliances
  25. Best Practice: How to join N-Series devices to vSpace Management Center
  26. L Series: Error: "This client model is unsupported by your version of software"
  27. Troubleshooting: vSpace and Dell Machines
  28. Software: Apple iTunes
  29. Troubleshooting: How To Collect PC System Information
  30. “You need administrative rights to install this software. Installation Failed.”
  31. Performing a Firmware Update on an Active L-series Device
  32. Kansas Assessment Program - KITE
  33. L-series: Device cannot get IP address from DHCP
  34. Resetting the vSpace Console Password
  35. Where can I download the latest vSpace software?
  36. General Deployment guide for L250
  37. Migrating Windows based vSpace Management Center version 3.3.1 to the vSpace Management Center Appliance
  38. AS-400 F24 key does not function when using N-500
  39. Software: Configuring NetSupport School for use with NComputing L, M and X Series
  40. vSpace: Can multiple users access the Internet at the same time?
  41. Windows: How to enable specific software access for user accounts
  42. Make PowerPoint Viewer start a presentation at login
  43. HOW TO: Add a new user account - Server 2012
  44. AutoLogon feature not working - Win7
  45. FAQ: Are NComputing products affected by the Shellshock vulnerability?
  46. Legacy L-series User Manual
  47. NComputing vSpace 6 Server Console Guide
  48. FAQ: Are NComputing products affected by HeartBleed?
  49. L Series: Disable USB keyboard and mouse
  50. Linux Ubuntu: vSpace Removal