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  14. What browsers, websites or videos and vSpace Clients are supported by vCAST?
  15. Do I have to purchase a vCAST license for the host machine or for each connected device?
  16. How do I redeem license keys?
  17. What is vCAST? Do I need to purchase it? Does it improve the performance of the user’s session? How long is the license?
  18. How many vSpace Servers can I connect to a vSpace Manager?
  19. Can I install more than one vSpace Manager in my environment?
  20. How to transfer licenses?
  21. How to register offline?
  22. Can I access this information from my mobile device? Can I manage/monitor/control user’s sessions with my mobile device?
  23. A user is abusing the session, what are my capabilities as an administrator?
  24. My CPU usage is high and palettes are red, what should I do?
  25. What are device groups and how do they help?
  26. Where can I view all my purchased NComputing software?
  27. I’m interested but on the fence about buying a license, do you offer free trials for the Premium Features?
  28. Where can I buy Premium Features?
  29. If I already have an NComputing account can I use those credentials to register vSpace Manager?
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  36. Why vSpace Pro 10 and what is it?
  37. What OS’s does vSpace Pro 10 support?
  38. Where can I get vSpace Pro 10? Is it free?
  39. What components are included in the vSpace Pro 10 installer?
  40. How can I install vSpace Pro 10?
  41. What are key benefits of using vSpace Pro 10?
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