win4-sessions Status Codes

win4-sessions Status Codes

Product Line:  VERDE

VERDE features a CLI command that outputs all the sessions running in the server's environment.

The command, win4-sessions, can found in the /usr/lib/verde/bin/ directory.

The output containts PID, USER name, CONFIG name, Image TITLE, Session STATUS and IP Address. The pids displayed by win4-sesssions are those of the win4-runtime processes so you won't see the qemu-kvm pid in that list. To find the session to which that qemu-kvm process is related you can look at its command line, e.g.

% ps -f -p 19666

there should be several hints, such as path names, that should give you some idea what user and desktop it is related to.

win4-sessions, as mentioned, provides Status codes. Their meaning is as follows:

P - Provisioned
D - Display connected
A - Available
I - Installing
S - Shutting down
r - RDP ready
s - SPICE ready

u - UXP ready
v - reserved (unused)

So in this example:

[root@localhost bin]# win4-sessions
32172 mcadmin1 Ubuntu1204_Centrify "Ubuntu1204_Centrify" Asv
19182 verde11@vbtest win732-office "win732-office" PArsv

The Windows image is provisioned and available as well as being RDP and SPICE ready.
The Ubuntu image is available and SPICE only ready.

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