When Testing Network, it Fails on NFS Mount

When Testing Network, it Fails on NFS Mount

Product Line:  VERDE

ISSUE:  When mounting storage via the VERDE-MENU, and then running the Test Network, the test fails on NFS Mount...

FAILURE writing test file (/home/vb-verde/verde-network-test.txt) to external

But, when you test manually mounting the NFS, you can write to it without any problem. 

SOLUTION:  By default, UID 501 belongs to user vb-verde.  Make sure /home/vb-verde is owned by 501.  

Easiest way to do this is by making a subdirectory in your volume that you mount, otherwise it's hard to set permissions on the actual volume point.

For example: make subdirectory "verdehome" in your volume "/volume/vol0/data/", then set 501 on verdehome, then mount server:    /volume/vol0/data/verdehome. 

Additionally, create a route from the VERDE server to the NFS storage by going to the VERDE command line and pinging the NFS server ip.

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