Product Line:  VERDE

The VERDE system uses several levels of security for network communication, the ports and encryption levels depend on the following components:

  • VERDE User Console: 128-bit TLS V1.2 (HTTPS) plus the encryption used by the display protocol, Microsoft RDP, UXP, or SPICE.
  • RDP Protocol connection: Microsoft encryption (128bit RC4).
    • In the Windows 10 there is TLSv1.2. RC4 for the old system or if it has been set in the registry
  • SPICE Protocol connection: SSL.
  • UXP: SSL.
  • Smartsync synchronization technology used for the synchronization with the Branch servers as well as with the LEAF ME clients: SSL (TLS V1).
  • Data-at-rest on  LEAF ME clients uses 256 bit AES.