What is the DELTA.IMG File's Purpose?

What is the DELTA.IMG File's Purpose?

Product Line:  VERDE

You may have noticed that the collection of files that make up a Guest Image includes a file entitled:  DELTA.IMG.

Normally, when changes are made to a Guest Image (document creation, desktop background, etc.) the changes are retained with the image's D: drive.  This is true with both local and AD users.

You may have noticed, that the DELTA.IMG file for local users is always empty.  This changes with AD/Domain users.  All relevant AD/Domain information is stored in the DELTA.IMG.  This includes the Computer Name.  This prevents VERDE from attempting the REJOIN the Domain once it has joined.  VERDE uses the information in the DELTA.IMG file so it doesn't try to join the AD again.

Using the REVERT command removes the DELTA.IMG file.  This forces VERDE to re-join the guest image to the Domain.

Regarding local users, as long as the deployment method is set to the default (Dynamic-Normal), the DELTA.IMG remains empty while the guest image is being accessed and then deleted when the user shuts down.

If alternate deployment methods are selected (e.x. Dynamic-LONG), any changes made to the guest image (app install) are written to the DELTA.IMG.  This will remain until the gold image is modified and checked in, then the DELTA.IMG is deleted.